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She led its expansion and emphasized high academic standards, disciplined behavior, and prayer. The school enjoyed its greatest growth and success under the leadership of Dr. Arenia Conella Mallory (19041977). She served as chairperson of the board of supervisors, member, Executive Board, member, Screening Committee, member, Program Committee General Church, coordinator, Leadership Conference, International Marshall, secretary, and Assistant General Supervisor for the Department of Women. Coffey also began the use of the title "Jurisdictional Supervisor" for state mothers as more jurisdictions were forming in each state.[59]. Today the International Women's Convention/Crusade meets annually in May in different cities throughout the nation drawing thousands of women from around the world. 2nd Assistant Presiding Bishop Bishop Lawrence M. Wooten. Chairlady, International Youth Department Evangelist Vandalyn Kennedy. The beliefs of the Church of God in Christ are briefly written in its Statement of Faith, which is reproduced below:[41] It is often recited in various congregations as part of the order of worship and all national and international convocations. Drew Sheard who was elected in 2021. Desiring to learn more about the work of the Holy Spirit in the church, C. H. Mason, J. However, his out-spoken criticism of the racial prejudice and discrimination of whites led most, if not all of them, to leave his church for other ministries where the message against racism was not so obvious and offensive to them. The school and college remain closed at present.[29]. Holy Temple COGIC was the first church to open its doors to the garbage workers. As a result, an ongoing dispute between Elder Carter and Bishop Blake continued without resolution. Church Of God In Christ, Inc. 2015-23. During the tenure of Bishop L. H. Ford as Presiding Bishop in the 1990s, he helped gain COGIC membership into the Pentecostal/Charismatic Churches of North America, a more diverse, international caucus of different Pentecostal church denominations and organizations that sought to heal the racial divides in the North American Pentecostal movement.[57]. Mason Theological Seminary to train its ministers and ministry leaders. In 1955, Emmett Till's funeral was held at Robert's Temple Church Of God in Christ in Chicago, Illinois. Bishop Blake has several academic and honorary degrees, including a Doctor of Divinity from California Graduate School of Theology, a Doctor of Law degree from Oral Roberts University and an honorary doctorate from California State University, Los Angeles. The Church of God in Christ is the fifth largest Protestant religious denomination in the United States, the largest Pentecostal church in the country and the second largest Pentecostal organization in the world with churches in 60 countries worldwide and an estimated membership of nearly 6.5 million members. Rev. General Secretary Bishop Joel H. Lyles Jr.. Chairman of the General Assembly Bishop Lemuel F. Thuston. He is credited with helping to secure the steel needed to construct Mason Temple which was virtually impossible during World War II.[52]. Save Africa's Children, a program of PACF, currently provides support to over 220 charity missions and orphanages throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Bishop Patterson was also to date the youngest person to ever be elected presiding bishop of COGIC at the age of 56; the second youngest was his nephew Gilbert Earl (G.E.) Malcolm X's Funeral was held in Harlem, New York City at Faith Temple Church Of God in Christ. They unanimously chose C.H. Her life story led many African-Americans into the Holiness movement, including Mason. They exist today as adversaries to the kingdom, purpose and will of God. Charles Edward Blake Sr. (born August 5, 1940) is an American minister and pastor who served as the Presiding Bishop and leader of the Church of God in Christ, a 6 million-member Holiness Pentecostal denomination, that has now grown to become one of the largest predominantly African American Pentecostal denominations in the United . The then"Minister & Sister Carter" established and . Lizzie Woods Robinson (19111945) was the first "General Mother" of the church. During the formative stages of COGIC, Bishop Mason organized departments to further support the work of the church as it continued to grow and expand. Women in COGIC have been influential in the leadership and organization of the church since its inception. For the Anabaptist denomination, see, The official seal of the COGIC features a sheaf of wheat representing the members of the COGIC. [23][24] After Mason's death, in accordance with the 1952 church constitution, the control of the church reverted to the COGIC Board of Bishops. [46], COGIC teaches that the baptism of the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit is an experience subsequent to conversion and sanctification, can be experienced by all believers who ask for it. B. McEwen, came to a head and was addressed at the 57th Holy Convocation. In 1945, Bishop S. Crouch of the Northern California Jurisdiction appointed Elder H. C. Johnson as State Sunday School Superintendent who appointed Missionary Lucille Cornelius to be Chairlady, the first woman to lead the supervision of COGIC women in the Sunday School Department. He established COGIC Charities which has provided thousands of dollars in college scholarships and disaster relief efforts such as Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Under her leadership, the Women's International Convention added the term "and Crusade" to highlight and promote the evangelistic approach of the convention. They were given the authority through a "gentlemen's agreement" to license ministers and establish churches under the COGIC name. Founder 1907-1961* Senior Bishop & Chief Apostle Charles Harrison Mason: . The human soul is immortal and will spend eternity either in heaven as the redeemed or in hell as the damned. This seasonal period was selected because most of the COGIC members were farmers and were finished harvesting their crops around this time. Drew Sheard, Sr. as Presiding Bishop on March 20, 2021. During the 1940s and 50s, Bishop Mason often invited the white elected officials of the city of Memphis to the International Holy Convocation on Civic Night. His dream was to establish an international ministry complex known as "Saints Center" and an accredited institution known as "All Saints University". Of special note is Evangelist Reatha Herndon who served as the International Elect Lady of the Department of Evangelism from 1951 to 2001. President Moody also added these ministries to the Missions Department:[62]. 2 in the denomination and whose death was reported by The Detroit News; Bishop Timothy Scott, a leader for nearly 50 years of the denomination in Mississippi whose death was reported [61] Finally, she changed the visible presence of women in ministry with the introduction of the ministry "habit". Bishop J. [31], Bishop Ford also renovated several COGIC structures in Memphis, including Mason Temple. He became a Christian and converted to Pentecostal Christianity as a young adolescent, under the ministry of his mother and father in Arkansas, and he and his family moved to Los Angeles when he was in his 20's when his father was asked to take over as a bishop of the First Jurisdiction of Southern California for the COGIC denomination. Deaconess Missionaries serve and assist in the ceremonial and temporal affairs of the local church. The first general secretary of COGIC was Elder William B. Holt, a white minister. Drew Sheard was appointed Superintendent of the Emmanuel District, by Bishop Herbert J. Williams, Sr., Prelate of the North Central Michigan Jurisdiction. She established new auxiliaries including the International Hospitality Unit, the Educational and Bishop's Wives Scholarship funds, WE-12 and Lavender Ladies. Assistant Elect Lady, COGIC World Missions-Supervisor Lee E.Van Zandt. After graduating from high school, he matriculated to Wayne State University, receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in education and a Master of Education degree in mathematics. The first meeting was held in Memphis, Tennessee around 1937. In 1915, after years of court litigation over the name of the organization and use of the name "Church of God in Christ" by the two groups; Mason's group was granted the use of the name and Jones's group organized a legally chartered Holiness body called the Church of Christ (Holiness) U.S.A.[14], After moving to Memphis, Tennessee, Bishop Mason established a local congregation called Temple COGIC. Upon his return to Jackson, Mississippi, Mason faced opposition when he recounted his experience. Together they traveled across the country proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Patterson appointed Dr. Edward Lee Battles President of the Department of Evangelism. The Five Presiding Bishops of the Church Of God In Christ Jonathan DesVerney Gospel Channel 349K subscribers 740 65K views 5 years ago I created this video a long time ago, this is just the. We believe the Bible to be the inspired and only infallible written Word of God. She is the longest serving president of the International Music Department and her influence and legacy have been indelible and are recognized around the world. He was a speaker at the Democratic National Conventions first Ecumenical Service where he eloquently, challenged all to protect the unborn by advocating pro-life. Owens continued to serve as a jurisdictional bishop and member of the General Board until his death in 2011. Dr. Mattie McGlothen (19751994) the fourth General Supervisor, was a tremendous organizer with great impact on the development of the Women's Department. Nevertheless, women are licensed in COGIC to proclaim the gospel as evangelists. For a brief period of time, the YPWW Congress was combined with the Sunday School Congress in a joint convention until 1951. The study also found that over 70% of COGIC members overwhelmingly opposed the legalizing of same-sex marriage, and considered relationships from infidelity, polygamy, polyamory, and sex outside of marriage as sinful and unbiblical as well.[56]. All officers are elected by the General Assembly. In 1951, when Bishop Mason was approaching 85 years of age, he set up a "special commission" to help with the administration and oversight of the church. C. D. Owens had gained national attention in the church as the president of the Youth Department. Elder Carter called for a Church trial before the COGIC General Assembly and Judicial Board according to the Constitution of the COGIC. The Youth Congress eventually become one of the largest conventions in COGIC. She revolutionized and reorganized the music ministry to become a leading department in the church. Bishop Blake is an ardent advocate of education and academic excellence, who holds multiple academic and honorary degrees, from various educational institutions. The presidium includes a separately elected international presiding bishop by the general assembly who serves a term of four years, who, then appoints two assistant presiding bishops. Throughout the dispute, Elder Carter made allegations against Bishop Blake for impropriety, sexual misconduct, and abuse of power as presiding bishop. These offices are found in every local, district, and jurisdiction to support development and growth of the Sunday School. [9] This Holiness group/fellowship adopted the name Church of God in Christ, and COGIC began to develop congregations throughout the South. Most recently, Biola University conferred an honorary doctorate upon him on June 12, 2010. He is known to many as being an eloquent, compassionate and practical leader, as well as a humanitarian and an advocate with a God-given gift for ministering to the whole man. Today however, many church mothers have been reserved to titular positions as many pastor's wives have assumed the role of leader of women's ministries in local congregations. In 1988, after a thirteen-year exodus from COGIC, Bishop G. E. Patterson returned as the founding Prelate of the newly formed Tennessee Fourth Jurisdiction. These elders became the first Pentecostal General Assembly of the Church of God in Christ. Succession of Church of God in Christ Leaders. B. McEwen made conflicting administrative and executive decisions. Here are the other 11 members elected to COGIC's general board, its highest executive board: Bishop Prince Bryant Sr., pastor of The Island of Hope Church of God in Christ and Buck Street Memorial . He was recognized in Washington, D. C. by President Barack Obama in 2009 and invited to serve on the White House Advisory, Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. Historically, women in ministry in COGIC are known as "Missionaries" and are designated in two categories: Deaconess Missionary, and Evangelist Missionary. [29], Bishop Gilbert Earl (G. E.) Patterson began his ministry as co-pastor of the Holy Temple COGIC with his father, Bishop W. A. Patterson. Missions work in COGIC began under Elder Searcy in 1925. Porter pointed out that he is based in Memphis. COGIC teaches that the Holy Spirit is alive and active in the world. Bishop Sheard is a former mathematics teacher and . However, the General Assembly vested authority in the executive board composed of the seven bishops selected by Bishop Mason before his death. The Elders' Council met and organized the first Missions board of the Church of God in Christ. After graduating from high school, he matriculated to Wayne State. On October 23, 2020, Bishop Blake announced that he will not seek a re-election as Presiding Bishop nor as a member of the General Board and that he would retire from the Office of Presiding Bishop and from the General Board in 2021.[34]. The Voice of Missions a bimonthly magazine, John Seth Bailey#, general board member, jurisdictional bishop, Michigan Southwest Jurisdiction; pastor, Bailey Cathedral, Detroit, MI, Elmer Elijah Cleveland#, jurisdictional bishop, Northern California Jurisdiction, pastor, Ephesians, Oakland, CA, Bishop David Willard Grayson, Sr#, Jurisdictional Bishop of Maine, Founding Jurisdictional Bishop of Eastern New York Fourth, David Daniels, educator, professor, auxiliary bishop, James Logan Delk#, politician, pastor, First, Hopkinsville, KY, James Louis Felton, auxiliary bishop, pastor, Mount Airy, Philadelphia, PA, James Neaul Haynes#, general board member, jurisdictional bishop, Texas Northeast First Jurisdiction; pastor, Saintsville, Dallas, TX, Roderick Hennings, author, auxiliary bishop, pastor, Zion Dominion Global Ministries, Amherst, NY, William Morgan James#, general board member, jurisdictional bishop, Ohio North First Jurisdiction, pastor, St. James, Toledo, OH and James Temple, Cincinnati, OH, Orzo Thurston Jones Jr.#, general board member, jurisdictional bishop, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Jurisdiction; pastor, Holy Temple, Philadelphia, PA, Otha Miema Kelly#, general board member, jurisdictional bishop, Eastern New York First Jurisdiction; pastor, Kelly Temple, Harlem, NY, Otis Lockett#, church planter, jurisdictional bishop, North Carolina Second Jurisdiction, pastor, Evangel Word Fellowship, Greensboro, NC, George Dallas McKinney#, scholar, general board member, jurisdictional bishop, Southern California Second Jurisdiction; pastor, St. Stephen's Cathedral, San Diego, CA, S.E. He was elected four times uncontested as presiding bishop. As Senior Pastor of the 26,000 member, West Angeles Church of God In Christ in Los Angeles, California, Bishop Blakes leadership is positively impacting lives and enhancing the community through the work of the many ministries offered. Welcome to the Official Church Of God In Christ, Inc Online Store Dismiss. On November 14, 1968, the General Assembly of the COGIC elected the first general board and presiding bishop of the church. It was also around this time, that he married his wife, Mae Lawrence Blake, a native of Michigan and daughter of another COGIC bishop and pastor, and they had three children together, Charles Blake, Jr., Lawrence "Larry" Blake, and Kimberly Blake. A general supervisor of women is appointed by the presiding bishop and given authority to lead the International Women's Ministry of the church. Vice Chairman of the National Judiciary Board Bishop Enoch Perry. Patterson established protocols of worship, policy and practices. Vice President of COGIC World Missions-Supervisor Sideary King. COGIC became a major force in the collective Black Church and worldwide Pentecostal movement. [19], Mason continued to travel across the nation preaching and establishing COGIC churches. [47], COGIC teaches that the church is the community of Christian believers who have accepted Jesus Christ and submit to his Lordship and authority in their lives. In 1975, he resigned as co-pastor, withdrawing his membership in the COGIC because of leadership disagreements with his uncle, J. O. Patterson Sr. concerning an establishment of another jurisdiction in the city of Memphis. B. McEwen was elected chairman of the executive board, and O.T. Bishop Sedgwick Daniels Board member (2008present). He was elected as the denomination's leader on March 27, 2021. We believe that there is One God, eternally existent in three persons, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. As COGIC continued to grow, the various departments began the practice of convening annually to conduct the business unique of their ministries. [29] She is also the Jurisdictional Supervisor of Women for the South Carolina Jurisdiction. Supervisor Irene Oakley#, pastor, supervisor, bishop's wife, Mother Louise Patterson, evangelist, former first lady and wife of G.E. This group of seven bishops became known officially as the executive commission; they took on greater responsibility over church affairs until Mason's death. Secretary of the National Judiciary Board Attorney Peter Davis. On April 3, 1968, Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his "I've Been To The Mountaintop" speech, at Mason Temple Church Of God in Christ in Memphis. [33] C. E. Blake served as the Presiding Prelate of the First Jurisdiction of Southern California. He served on the trustee board for 12 years and has served on the general board for eight years. Bishop John Drew Sheard is Presiding Bishop and Chief Apostle of the Church of God in Christ, Inc., one of the largest African American Pentecostal denominations in the United States with 12,000 churches in over 112 countries. The most active women's auxiliaries include: Missionary Circle, Hospitality, Executive Hospitality, Hulda Club, Wide Awake Band, Minister's Wives Circle, Deaconess, Deacon's Wives Circle, Prayer Warriors, Young Women's Christian Council, Usher Board, Educational Committee, Boy's League, Big Brothers, Cradle Roll, Women's Chorus, Board of Examiners, Public Relations, News Reporters and the Burners Home and Foreign Mission Bands. The rope that holds the shaft together represents Charles Harrison Mason, COGIC's founding father. Charles Blake was born on August 5, 1940 in Little Rock, Arkansas, to the late Bishop Junious Augustus (J. COGIC believes in divine healing, however, it does not advocate the exclusion of medical supervision. It was destroyed by fire in 1936. They disagreed in having an electoral process to select the presiding bishop.[28]. In the 1990's and early 2000's, Blake also penned articles for Ebony and Christianity Today noting the importance of the Black Church's influence on presidential elections and American politics and society in general.

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